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Properties and applications of alkyl glycosides

Alkyl glycosides refer to alkyl glycosides synthesized from glucose and fatty alcohols (the English name is Alkyl polyglucoside, abbreviated as APG). They refer to glycosides with sugar units greater than or equal to 2 in complex glycoside compounds. They are collectively referred to as alkyl polyglucosides (or alkyl glycosides). polyglycoside). Generally, the degree of polymerization n of alkyl polyglycosides is in the range of 1.1 to 3, and R is a C8 to C16 alkyl group. APG appears as a white solid powder or light yellow oily liquid at room temperature. It has high solubility in water and is difficult to dissolve in commonly used organic solvents.

APG has good compatibility and can be compounded with various ionic and non-ionic surfactants to produce synergistic effects. It has good foaming properties, is a rich and delicate foam, has good solubility, is resistant to strong alkalis and electrolytes, and has good thickening. It has good compatibility with skin, significantly improves the mildness of the formula, and is non-toxic, non-irritating, and easily biodegradable.

Alkyl polyglycosides have low surface tension, no cloud point, adjustable HLB value, strong wetting power, strong detergency, rich and delicate foam, strong compatibility, non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating to the skin, and rapid and complete biodegradation. It can be compounded with any surfactant type to achieve a synergistic effect.

Alkyl polyglycosides have strong broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. The product has a significant thickening effect, is easy to dilute, has no gel phenomenon, and is easy to use. It is also resistant to strong alkali, acid, hard water and salt.

Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and can be used as the main raw material for daily chemicals such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, laundry detergent, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, vegetable and fruit cleaning agents, etc. It is also used in synthetic detergents such as soap powder, phosphate-free detergents, and phosphate-free laundry detergents. It can be used as an emulsifying and dispersing agent for food, pesticides, and silicone oil; a synergist for pesticides and herbicides; an anti-fog agent for agricultural films; and a plastic additive; it can also be used in medicine, bioengineering, industrial cleaning, fire-fighting chemicals, and textile auxiliaries. , coatings, photosensitive materials, tanning, oil extraction, mineral processing, rubber and plastics, energy and other fields


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